Hassan Massali Resume

BIOGRAPHY of Hassan Massali, Ph.D.

Born in Massal (Tavalesh), Iran,  I become involved in political activities by supporting Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh quest for Nationalization of Iranian oil industry during my High School years. In 1958, to pursue my education I went to Germany where, I started to organized Iranian students that led to the formation of the Confederation of Iranian Students (National Union). From its inception I was among its top leaders until 1971. I was also instrumental in formation of the Iranian National Front in Europe and was the helm of its leadership until 1976.  I, along with my friends and supporters, was actively involved in the Iranian Revolution demanding the establishment of constitutional and democratic government to observe the Rule of Law and respect for Human Rights. Shortly after Khomeini reached Tehran, he, himself become an absolute ruler.

In 1980, I announced my candidacy for the newly formed parliament to represent my home town of Tavalesh/North Iran. Although I was elected with a comfortable majority, I was denied the seat in parliament and declared a religious apostate, a declaration that carries with it death within the Islamic System.

Consequently, I formed the Democratic revolutionary Movement of Iranian Toilers (Gilan & Mazandaran ), which began a struggle against Khomeini’s regime. For three years I cooperated with Dr. Abdulrahman Ghasemlou and his Democratic Party of Kurdistan for attainment of the democratic principal that I had fought for all my life. Following the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou in Vienna, and later the murder of the leadership of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Berlin by the agents of the Islamic Republic, I moved permanently to Europe to start a new political process outside Iran.

In 1990, I met Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, and decided to establish a new unified democratic front. Shortly these after, the agents of Islamic Republic of Iran assassinated Dr. Bakhtiar and his long time associate Dr. Abdulrahman Boroumand in Paris. Prior to their assassinations I was invited to join the National Resistance Movement of Iran created by Dr. Bakhtiar and I was elected to the leadership of this organization.

In 1995, after countless political assassinations inside and outside Iran by the agents of Islamic regime in Tehran and failure of oppositions to deal with crimes of Islamic Republic, I invited all Iranians of diverse political outlook, but who desired the formation of a society based on separation of church and state, observance of Rule of Law and respect for international law and Human Rights to meet and deal within our common destiny.

The first “Iranian National Congress” finally met in July 1995 in Germany, as a beginning step towards our national unity. These events have been repeated by Iranian patriots all over the world. Their unity outside of Iran, often reflects the aspiration of Iranians who suffer under a despotic medieval regime that has threatened the security and peace in the region and world at large since Islamic regime established in Iran.


Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany  ,July, 1999

Degree: Ph.D.: Political Science, Johan-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt / Main, Germany,

Dissertation Topic: “Die Entstehung, Entwicklung und die fortwaehrende Krise der Marxistisch-Leninistischen Organisationen Irans seit 1963.”(Development and Permanent Crisis of the Iranian Marxist-Leninist Organizations since 1963)#

College of Social Work Education, Wiesbaden, Germany, October 1991-June 1996

“Cooperation and Conflict in Social Work”

“Multi Cultural Learning in Educational Counselling Improves Work Productivity”

“Exchanging Views on the Problems of Underage Refugee Children”

“Immigration and European Markets: Intercultural Learning while Living in Youth Houses”

“Problems of Sexual Violation”

“Understanding the Role of Education Experts in Helping Educational Counselling”



*Confederation of Iranian Students, Organizer and Leader,1960-1971

*Iranian National Front in Europe, Organizer and Leader 1960-1976

*Iranian National Front in the Middle East, Organizer and Leader 1964-1978

*Democratic Revolutionary Movement of Iranian Toilers, Organizer & leader 1980-1990

*National Resistance Movement, Organizer and Leader 1990-1995

*Iranian National Congress, Organizer and Leader 1995-1998

*Iranian Cultural Center in Germany, Founder and  President,  1985-2002

*Multicultural Events in Saarbruecken, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden, Germany

*Conference on Democracy in Iran, American University, Organizer 2003

*Iran Democratic Front in Iran, Overseas Representative, May 2003-Nov. 2004

*National Alliance Front in Iran, Overseas Representative, Oct. 2004- Feb. 2006

*Founder and President of the foundation: Action for Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East (non-profit)

 * President of Multi-Cultural Center e.V.     

    In Germany, 2013



Collection of Articles on Causes of Dictatorship and Culture of Democracy in Iran, November 1998, published by the Iranian National Front in the Middle East, Europe and US

Development of the Left- Movement in Iran and the Causes of its Permanent Crisis, May 2001, self-published

Mentality and Conflicts of Immigrant Workers and Political Refugees

Intercultural Learning while Living in Youth Houses

Learning Styles and Educational Formats

Other Activities:

1971-1976      Member of  “Iran Azad” , Editional  Board, Persian 

                       Publication of Iranian National Front in Europe.

 1971-1976    Member of “Bakhtar Emrooz” Editional Board      

                      Persian  Publication  of  Iranian National Front in the

                      Middle East.

1971-1976     Member of the Editional Board of “Iran Al-Soura”,the

                      Arabic Publication of the Iranian National Front in the   

                      Middle East.

1964-1978     Organizing   the Secular-Democrat Movement in the   

                      Middle East   to oppose the dictatorship of Shah and

                       Other reactionary regime in the Middle East, and

Solidarity with the Palestinian Movement to create an Independent Palestinian State, supporting the Peace  between Arabs & Israel. And cooperation with Political Personalities like Yasser Arafat (Abu Ammar) ,Khalil Vazir( Abu Jihad), & George Habash.


Educational Counselor, Arbeiter-Wohlfahrt, Voehl, Germany 1991-1997

  • Counselled and mentored children and young adults from a multitude of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Conducted employment training and career counseling with               participants.
  • Worked with parents, family members and their countries of origins.
  • Organized sports, recreational, social activities and multicultural activities.
  • Serves as liaison to people in the community.
  • Seasoned professional with extensive experience working with and advocating for immigrant and refugee communities and youth exiled.
  • Published author of articles, books and conference presentations on political issues affecting refugee communities exiled.
  • Editor of numerous journals and collections of articles
  • Organized political conferences abroad.
  • Languages: English, Persian/Farsi, Kurdish, German and Arabic
  • Research, writing and editing
  • US and German Citizenship


Personal Status:

Married, US & German Citizen


Interviews: I have conducted  numerous interviews with the leading International Media such as BBC,Voice of America,Radio France International ,Radio Israel,Radio Cairo,Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Iran, & other local  Press, Radio, & TV-Stations in Europe, USA, and Canada.


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