The world crisis 2

The Introduction of My Books:

Recently, I have published two Books, one in German:

Die Weltkrise und Ihre Ursachen

(militärische Invasionen,Ausbeutungen und Eliminierung der Zivilbevölkerung und die Entstehung und Formierung des Terrorismus,Neue-Faschismus in der Welt);

And in English:

The World crisis

The creation of Hate, Terrorism, New Fascism in the World;

I have been living in the United States for close to sixteen years during which time, I have had an opportunity to observe the political and social issues of this country. I have travelled in many areas in the U.S. and have met with many Americans whom I call friends. Due to my active political Career, I have met with several members of the U.S. Congress, as well as officials from the State Department. I have also participated in many conferences and meetings in this Country and abroad to share my views with the world.

Based on my experience and supported by my research, I have made some observations about the political and social power structure in the U.S. that I would like to express:

  • The makeup of power structure and the two political parties
    Since WWII to present day, there has always been a two-party system that share the power in this country. Additionally there are various factions within each of these parties that sometimes take a totally opposing view of the party that they are representing.

That has always been a question for me why there is not a third party strong enough to provide a different view in this system?

In my interactions with various members of Congress from both parties, I have realized that there has not been a significant change in their way of thinking and they still function as though we are still fighting a Cold War. To further complicate this issue is the fact that the majority of the members of Congress are supported by wealthy donors and corporate lobbyists. As a result, there has not been much opportunity for a third political party to flourish in this Country, due to lack of financial support and extensive media Coverage.

I truly believe that the only way to maintain democracy is by having a pluralistic society where multiple parties have the opportunity to voice their views and share power. In order to maintain this disproportionate advantage over the masses of people, we have witnessed that the various leaders of government have, and continue to; commit illegal and criminal acts while maintaining political impunity.

My experience living in the U.S. has made me realize that the large majority of Americans are kind and in support of democratic ideology. However, due to social and political roadblocks, they have not been able to fully engage in the political process of their country.

Challenges some of the most disfranchised population face are as follow:

  1. a.More than 40 million Americans live below the poverty line of which over are homeless, living on streets. These people do not have any political representation and cannot therefore have a voice in this process due to lack of money and power.
  2. In any capitalistic society, the middle class plays a significant role in the political process. Today, however, the American middle class has shrunk and is busy working long hours and multiple shifts to make a living. Consequently, they have no time to devote to politics and provide a counter reaction against powerful lobbyists and corporate media. Furthermore, due to the lack of independent media, the masses are being brain washed and manipulated by corporate media and they have no way of knowing the truth and will accept any excuses or blame for an escape goat.
  3. In any democratic society, the Judiciary Branch of the government should be completely independent. But as we know, all the Supreme Court judges are nominated by the U.S. President and approved by the Senate. As a Result, there is no true separation of power in this instance.
  4. Some groups use the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, passed in 1776, to support the right to bear arms. But the real motivation is to sell arms and keep the business of gun as profitable as possible. Because of the big business of guns in this Country, a large number of people are killed or injured every day on the streets, in the malls and schools without any real progress being made in curbing the control of Gun sales. Additionally, there are several hundred armed racist groups and gangs that use guns as a way of making money and running their business. But to this day, no president, nor politician, has been able to counter the powerful Gun lobbyists headed by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

In conclusion, I believe that despite the rhetoric of democracy in the US, they are far from it and cannot maintain social order, nor provide support for millions of Americans who need financial help. The question then is why the U.S. is so eager to disseminate the so called “democracy” to the rest of the world by attacking other countries or conducting proxy wars in those countries under the slogan of maintaining security for people. Is this not a fallacy?

The Current Situation in the World:

  1. In order to counter fascism in Germany, Italy and Japan, the U.S., British and French governments from one side and the Soviet Union, led by Stalin, from the other side, all united together and defeated fascism. Subsequently, those governments portrayed themselves as liberating and democratic forces in the world. However, these same governments subsequently committed huge mistakes, which resulted in the inception of a new form of fascism. This new fascism ultimately has led to the current world crisis.
  2. Those errors are as follows: military Occupation & Suppression of the Eastern Europe by the Soviets, led by Stalin, resulted in transforming these countries into communist nations.  Meanwhile the rest of the allied forces including the British, the Americans and the French decided to stay silent against this aggression of the Soviets. Instead they began dividing up some of the countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America amongst themselves, thus continuing a new era of exploitation in those countries.
  3. In WWII, America’s use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused horrific human tragedy. Additionally, the Allies bombed millions of civilians in Germany as an excuse to fight Hitler.
  4. Then the competition between the East and West demonstrated itself in the Cold War, which was an era of further exploitation of other countries in three continents.
  5. The super powers, ignoring the wishes of the democratic populous, supported dictators either by coup or military aggression in order to fight communism. These autocrats stayed in power with U.S. and Western support, and destroyed democratic forces in Asia, and Africa Latin American countries.
  6. This strategy was even taken further: the US, British and French governments helped to create Islamic terrorist groups from fanatic Islamists in order to combat Communism.
  7. After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the US, British and French governments continued their hegemony of the world. And this new policy was claimed to be “the new world order”.
    It is my opinion that within this new world order, a new fascism has emerged, which is supported by some government elements, politicians, and lobbyists. The contrast between the new fascism and the classical fascism led by Hitler are as follows:

    1. In the classical fascism, the ideology was transparent. Political programs were well defined and racism was encouraged and implemented. There was only one party to implement this fascist ideology. The government was very openly implementing those policies.
    2. In the current new world order, there is a superficial talk about democracy, however, the super powers have created two party system in order to deceive people into thinking that they are part of a democratic society. A large majority of people who hold positions in government or parties are not themselves fascist. But the real power is controlled by fascists who function behind closed doors and/or through Anti-Democratic lobbyist organizations. Even the Presidents and prime ministers of these super powers cannot fight this fascism in fear of what happened to John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert Kennedy.
    3. In this new World Order, the globe is divided into two segments: 1) capitalist super power countries led by the US, Britain and France, who continue to aggressively pursue their exploitation in parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America. These powers consider themselves as the “Godfather” of the world and believe that it is their right to intervene militarily, and destroy life and property in order to maximize their power and influence. And furthermore, they view the people of some of these three continents as inferior and second class citizens.
    4. The underdeveloped countries of these three continents who have large natural resources , with no true economic or industrial progress, have sustained long periods of colonization and oppression under both the old and new world order.
    5. In this new world order of fascism, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds are enticed to fight one another. World super powers create terrorists groups to give them the green light to go and intervene politically and militarily in those regions’ affairs.
    6. In this New World Order, the Racist Governments like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel are used as a Base.

How do we counter this new world order of Racism & fascism?

After World War II, the nation of Israel was founded in the Palestinian territories with the military support of Great Britain. Some democratic forces hoped that a Jewish nation, which represents the oppressed Jews and victims of the Holocaust, would be the best example of democracy in the region. But on the contrary, Israel was dominated by Zionists and both British and American lobbyists, and many authorities in Israel executed a racist and criminal policy in the region. For example, the Six-Day War in 1967 under the leadership of Moshe Dayan; the military Occupation of Lebanon and the massacre of the Palestinian refugees under the leadership of Ariel Sharon in 1982 in Lebanon.

Politicians like Yitzhak Rabin tried to live in peace with the Palestinians because of a peace treaty, but he was assassinated by a Jewish extremist and afterwards reactionary politicians like Netanyahu gained power. Netanyahu began terrorist actions against the Palestinians. The bombing raid of the civilians, the schools, hospitals and the killing of hundreds of children were continued in Palestine. In such a situation, the superpowers like the U.S., Great Britain and France just watched these criminal actions by Netanyahu without doing anything serious against it. Nevertheless, I am still optimistic for hope and change.

  1. I believe that the creation of a Palestinian state, and Two –State Solution, will cease the expansion of terrorism and slow the conflict between the democrat Jews and democrat Palestinians.
  2. To create an “Independent International Criminal Court.”  One that brings all Heads of State (in U.S.A., U.K., France), who are responsible in the creation of the Islamic terrorist groups and administer War Crimes against Humanity.
  3. To organize an international solidarity conference with the representatives from peace and civil right organizations with the ambitions to promote peace, democracy and human rights around the world.
  4. To create an international coalition and solidarity union in the world.  One that takes the proper action in eliminating poverty and combating against terrorism and extremism, while taking steps to end foreign military intervention in African, Asian, and Latin American countries.
  5. To stop the veto regulation in the United Nation and to promote equal rights for all members of United Nations.
  6. To stop the support of corrupt regimes and dictators around the globe.
  7. For a serious shift in the United States internal and foreign policy, it is necessary to create a new strong progressive party, one that is able to stop the influence of the reactionary and anti-democratic lobbyist groups.  With these serious, and sweeping changes, the creation of a new democratic and progressive sociopolitical structure in the United States and Europe can finally be realized.
    Herby, I plead the younger generations in Europe and the United States to wake up and create “networks” around the world to promote democracy and human rights and to resist the fascist and corrupt institutions around the world.

    1. Support the organization of democratic and secular forces in Africa, Asia, and Latin-America. Additionally, there must be coordination between these democratic forces and the progressive forces in the US and Europe, in order to combat the Racist& fascist policies.
    2. Establishing independent international courts to oversee the crimes committed by politicians and potentially lobbyists.
    3. Sever political and economic relations with countries that do not recognize the democratic rights of people.

Hassan Massali, Ph.D.

February /09/2016


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