An Open Letter to the American People

Why I will not accept to be second-tier citizen


By: Hassan Massali, Ph.D


In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino, some fascist elements in Europe and the United States are attempting to justify their crimes against humanity in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. There now exist daily discriminatory acts against political refugees that, because of military occupation from certain Western governments and Civil War, have been forced to flee their countries.


In recent weeks, and in public events swirling around the U.S. Presidential elections, some citizens have promoted racist and fascist ideology very openly in the public. What’s more, they classified some legal U.S. citizens as second-tier citizens.


In these instances when our rights are being violated, who will protect my, and our legally binding, constitutional rights? Will it be the President? The Department of Justice? Or do the country’s founding members need to rise from the dead to accomplish what those who are living refuse to do?

Below, I have listed the reasons for the expansion of global terrorism, and the approach to ending this horrific, potentially life-ending dilemma in our modern world.

Reasons for the global expansion of terrorism include:


The lack of freedom and democracy, as well as the military occupation of U.S.A., U.K., and France in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


Many countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa have been ruled by autocratic and dictatorial regimes. For many years, the United States and several European countries   (the U.K., France, to name a few) have adopted a misguided foreign policy – supporting repressive and corrupt governments and also have created Terrorist groups (in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria), while crushing the liberal sentiments and democratic aspirations of entire societies.


Corrupt governments grossly violated human rights and accelerated their country’s economic and cultural bankruptcy.  Religion became the political alternative to failed secular regimes.  The extreme political conditions allowed room for ideological groups to flourish into mainstream culture. Terrorist fundamentalist groups appealed to new members by advertising their nation’s economic and political salvation through the destruction and eradication of real and perceived enemies.  The extremist propaganda made it more difficult for the moderate liberal regimes to slow the growing number of Islamic extremists and to ignore the demands for a more fundamentalist religious state representation.


The Palestinian cause and the detrimental policies of Arab and Israeli leaders:


For many decades, the fate of the Palestinians has remained unclear, and it remains so today.  Millions of Palestinians have lived in refugee camps all over the Middle East, specifically in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, for more than half a century. Corrupt and weak Arab governments in their ill-fated attempts to resist against Israeli Aggression policy have exacerbated the Palestinian problem and reduced regional security throughout the Middle East.  Efforts to make peace were met with resistance; in 1995, after years of chaos, Yitzahk Rabin was assassinated by the hand of a Jewish extremist following attempts at achieving meaningful Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

The former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, as well as the current, Benjamin Netanyahu, had chosen a path directly opposed to that of Yitzhak Rabin. These extremists believed that they could protect the security of Israel with military occupation and killing the civilians or the assassination of Palestinian political leaders. Yet, these acts have done nothing but create more hate, martyrs, and suicide bombers.

Nevertheless, I am still optimistic for hope and change.  I believe that the creation of a Palestinian state, and Two –State Solution, will cease the expansion of terrorism and slow the conflict between the democrat Jews and democrat Palestinians.


Alternative approach

1:  To create an “Independent International Criminal Court.”  One that brings all Heads of State (in U.S.A., U.K., France), who are responsible in the creation of the Islamic terrorist groups and administer War Crimes Against Humanity.


2:  To organize an international solidarity conference with the representatives from peace and civil right organizations with the ambitions to promote peace, democracy and human rights around the world.


3: To create an international coalition and solidarity union in the world.  One that takes the proper action in eliminating poverty and combating against terrorism and extremism, while taking steps to end foreign military intervention in African, Asian, and Latin American countries.


4: To stop the veto regulation in the United Nation and to promote equal rights for all members of United Nations.


5: To stop the support of corrupt regimes and dictators around the globe.


6: For a serious shift in the United States internal and foreign policy, it is necessary to create a new strong progressive party, one that is able to stop the influence of the reactionary and anti-democratic lobbyist groups.  With these serious, and sweeping changes, the creation of a new democratic and progressive sociopolitical structure in the United States and Europe can finally be realized.


Herby, I plead the younger generations in Europe and the United States to wake up and create “networks” around the world to promote democracy and human rights and to resist the fascist and corrupt institutions around the world.


Hassan Massali, Ph.D

December 2015

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