About Us

Who We Are

We aim to advance the study and use of nonviolent action to promote democracy and human rights in the Middle East. 

ADHR-ME supports all efforts to:

  • Implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its conventions
  • Secure the sanctity and respectability of all religions through complete separation of church and state
  • Release prisoners of conscience and create conditions for the voluntary and safe return of exiles and immigrants to their country of origin
  • Create conditions for fundamental reform of Middle-East’s political, cultural, educational, judicial, and economic institutions
  • Achieve peace and social justice
  • End terrorism, extremism and war
  • Promote the economic, political and cultural cooperation among the Middle Eastern people and societies

Our Goal & Mission

Action for Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle-East is dedicated to promoting democratic values and human rights in the Middle-East.

The Foundation’s Objectives:

  1. To raise public awareness of Human Rights Violations;
  2. To eradicate gender, religious and ethnic discrimination;
  3. To promote equal rights for women and minorities to support;
  4. To end torture and capital punishment;
  5. To work for the establishment of peace, freedom, social justice and parliamentary democracy in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  6. To obtain the unconditional release of all political prisoners;
  7. To advocate the rights of the handicapped, children and disenfrachised;
  8. To advocate the rights of Palestinian people to establish and independent Palestinian state and Guaranteeing the security of Israel, and organizing an international peace conference will help put an end the violations in the Middle East.
  9. To protect the environment and to oppose the waste and the destruction of natural resources.

The Foundation’s Strategies:

  • Invite the cooperation of individuals and organizations in the international community who work for Peace, social justice and democracy;
  • To encourage the governments in the Middle East to observe the declaration of Human Rights;
  • To inform and influence public opinion on the human and economic costs of Human Rights’ Violations and its international ramifications.

Executive Committee:

Hassan Massali – President

Morteza Anvari – Public Relations
Maria Rohaly – Women’s Rights
Rose Atwood – Outreach
Jahan Shahryar – Resources
Zenab Chowdhry – Research
Rojan Feyz – Cultural Affairs

Board Members:

Shahla Abghari, Ph.D.

Siavash Abghari, Ph.D.
Morteza Anvari, Ph.D.
Faraj Ardalan, Ph.D.
Rose Atwood, M.B.A.
Zenab Chowdhry, M.A.
Rojan Feyz
Esmail Khoi, Ph.D.
Mehdi Kharrazi, Ing
Hassan Massali, Ph.D.
Maria Rohaly
Jahan Shahryar
Maral Sharifi
Shahrookh Vaziri, Ph.D.
Elke Wansner

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